At Food for Good we believe in Taste!

Taste is always raised to Health!

Th Balancers!

At Food for Good we believe in Taste! Taste is always raised to Health! Be it through a toast or a vegetable roast!.

Welcome to Food for Good! Our culture here is a dynamic and customer friendly creation where we provide ample options of healthy unique styled catering services taking the process of serving ‘entertainment’ on a plate to a whole different level. Our USP lies in the secret ingredient called ‘Balance.’ Be it health, taste, presentation or deliverance, we cater to it all through our local and international cuisine options. Our catering service which founded its roots in 2006 proudly presents to you an array of global platters in the most customized manner possible!

Ahmedabad with a rich cultural legacy of architecture, art, textile, food and so many other treasures has also become a Modern Mecca for its unique lifestyle! Understanding this delicate nuance of Ahmedabad, Food for Good ushers in a concept of a GOOD LIFE= GOOD FOOD!

Mission Statement

Health First’ has always played the role of a double edged sword for lovers of food! With ‘Food for Good’ we assure you ‘Taste for Life’ We balance it in a deliciously healthy way!

Sejal Patel- The lady herself !

Sejal Patel is a dynamic entrepreneur with a vision to offer ‘a touch of gold’ in every dish of ‘edible magic’ she creates! She has studied nutrition and diet in depth has an advantage of having worked with the who’s who in the food business before launching her own brand. This gives her an edge of understanding the pulse of the market and tapping into different market spaces, simultaneously creating one!

With having a feeling being on the crossroads of life and carrying an unwanted post pregnancy baggage of almost 30 kilos, not knowing what to do with them, she decided to create a fifth road. This Fifth Horseman, called insight and grit, led her straight to success. This confidence in herself also led her to helping scores of people shed their unwanted mass!

With a passion of serving home cooked food to loved ones, which she has inherited Sejal began the same journey with herself. Patiently placing taste and health in the same portion size she began with home cooked. In the trials and tribulations that occurred she developed not only a new methodology to create a balanced meal program but also a medium to keep the necessary nutrients intact without ever having to skip a meal in bribe of shedding calories! Thus began her journey into discovering herself through this medium. It started with her catering to small groups, gradually expanding to a full-fledged expansive business creating new pathways! One thing led to another and a passion grew into a pear tree! Thus was born Food for Good!


We order Sejal Patel’s food for many occasions. We love the taste, presentation and also the portion sizes are quite generous. The best thing about her is she is honest with her clients and she will cook as if she is cooking for herself. Her services are like one-stop shop for all the different cuisines you want.Wish you all the best.

Naandi Parikh (Interior Designer - Professor)

Sejal’s food is very satisfying to the taste buds…she uses different ingredients and makes a simple dish taste exceptionally good and soothing to the palate… I admire the way her passion and love for cooking reflects in all the dishes that she makes. Buena Comida!!

Ritika shah

Dear Sejal, I have had the opportunity to taste the food catered by you late last year in 2016.I liked the presentation of all the dishes you provided, and while the taste and the appearance were savoury, the quantity of every portion amazed me. Value for money! I am sure to use your catering services and your culinary expertise to offer different cuisines, be it Italian, Indian, and others. Wish you the very best always. I will also try and recommend your services to my friends and family.

Sameer Sheth

We had ordered SEJAL’s food for a party of 10 people. Sejal’s food tastes really good with all the ingredients perfectly cooked. I would always recommend her to anyone for big or small occasions. The menu she suggested was very creative and unique. The quantity was more than required which is a big plus point in this niche kind of a service Sejal provides. The presentation was excellent! It was totally value for money. I strongly recommend trying her food for parties and special occasions

Hemant Shah

I have tasted Sejal Patel’s food items like Mexican dip, Mushroom tarts, Cheesy jalape単o dip, Quinoa salad & more in many private parties & I have to admit that her taste & quality of food is fantastic! Highly recommend her dishes for its taste, quality & presentation.

Priti Mukerjee

In the eternal fight of being fit and healthy, food always plays a very important role.Tasty food that is healthy, is very rare to find. Sejal Patel has alway been a great saviour to balance this aspect in my food intake.Since the last several years she has catered lunch/ dinner and even party orders with tasty and healthy food for me and a lot many others who are like minded in this aspect.My experience has been excellent as her service and dedication is unmatched.

Pankaj Mudholkar

I have never met anyone in Ahmedabad’s catering business who is so reliable and efficient. Even for a very small order, she delivers her best and follows up at every step which includes her suggestions on what to decide for the menu, when to pick up the food, how to serve and even to check how the food was. She has also been there in person for events and her staff and service has been excellent. I always contact her for my smallest catering needs since it is so easy to work with her! Truly, Sejal is very sincere, courteous and super efficient!

Neha Sheth, CEO, Musikaar